Koronè bianco
Koronè bianco Koronè bianco Koronè bianco Koronè bianco

Koronè Bianco

AREA OF ORIGIN: Sant’Agata di San Demetrio Corone (CS)

SOIL: Slightly hilly 50 meters above sea level. Clayey and silty sandy portions.

GRAPEWINE: Malvasia, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay

WINE MAKING PROCESS: Vine-harvesting is made in bins, direct pressing of the grapes and subsequent fermentation of the must. Aging on ne lees for several months before bottling in spring.

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Tasting notes

Pale straw-yellow with greenish reections, “Korone bianco” presents itself with oral, fresh and intense olfactory notes. e gustative development is full and balanced with a pleasantly acidulous saline nish.

White wine of good drinkability, immediately pleasant but also enjoyable after a moderate renement.